Uncooled Detectors

Uncooled detectors are easy to use, neither cooling nor heatsinks are needed.
This type of detector is very convenient to use due to lack of cooler driver, and applicable types of housing that may be quickly connected to the amplifying stages (i.e. BNC housing ).

Uncooled detectors do not need any additional window and/or encapsulation due to ambient operating temperature. However, for more stable work in harsh environment- i.e. high humidity, encapsulation with noble gas atmosphere and window is recommended.

Presented device is low cost and quick in delivery solution for not tall applications.


  • Both, photoconductors & photodiodes available
  • Both flat and immersed detectors available
  • Wide range of operating wavelength
  • Wide range of chip size (optical area)
  • Operation from DC to VHF
  • No flicker noise
  • Perfect match to fast electronics
  • Low cost      

On going

  • Parameters tailoring and/or different packaging possible on demand

    Two types of uncooled devices. Left side: flat detector in an BNC casing right side: Immersed detector in TO39 casing

    Technical draft of detector in BNC package with table of parameters depending on detector type