Single access point to all the Mid-IR technology and components to build your customized chemical sensor.

Benefits of working with Mirphab:

Top experts for designing and prototyping

Expert design and fabrication for the development of your Mid-IR sensor.

Supply chain orchestration

Provide a reliable supply of Mid-IR photonic components for companies planning to ramp up production.

Accelerate innovation

Have access to the last technology for integration of miniaturized Mid-IR sensor

The Open Access Program

We provide funding of up to 230,000 € for SME´s. Ask the team for a technical call!

The Mir Sensor

The Mid-InfraRed (MIR) light has a strong interaction with molecular vibrations. In MIR, each molecule presents a unique adsorption spectrum providing a simple solution for sensing.

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MID-IR chemicals sensors have huge potential for innovation in a number of application fields where conventional measurements tools cannot provide in-situ capability, real-time measurement, and unattended operation.

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