Maciej Ochocki from Vigo Systems was presenting the potential of MID-IR chemical sensors for breath analysis applications at the EPIC Biophotonics Workshop past 30 Nov – 1 Dec in Amsterdam.

The maturing of technologies such as Hyperspectral Imaging, Raman, Photoacoustic tomography, Diffuse reflectance, Fluorescence and OCT has the potential to introduce new diagnostic equipment at clinics. The purpose of the EPIC Biophotonics Workshop: ‘Towards In Vivo Imaging’ was to bring together an audience of medical doctors, technology developers and system integrators to enable the transfer of novel photonic technologies to clinical trials.

During two days, the medical doctors presented their unmet needs, the photonic technology companies presented their current solutions and the system integrators played the central role of bridging these two communities towards novel products. In addition, topics such as the needs and requirements in clinical trials, as well as FDA approval processes, were discussed.