MIRPHAB is established as an open access program for Companies aiming to lead innovation projects in mid-IR optical sensing. Companies directly engaged in developing and commercializing systems and products for chemical sensing which can incorporate photonics for enhanced functionality can apply for MIRPHAB support for design, fabrication and test of innovative Mid-IR miniaturized devices. MIRPHAB will assist the development from the prototyping phase to the industrialization via small-series fabrication.

To submit an application follow the procedure described in “How it works” section . The applications will undergo an evaluation procedure and, if selected, the Company will access the realization of devices according to the provided specifications.

Eligibility criteria

All of the following criteria must be fulfilled in order to have a project proposal evaluated by MIRPHAB:

•    The proposal should be in accordance with the EC policies, rules of access to EC funded initiatives, with the goals of the call and with the objectives of MIRPHAB project. A summary of these guidelines can be found at (link to be defined )
•    The proposer must be a Company. Proposal coming from other organizations will not be considered for the evaluation;
•    the Project Proposal submitted for evaluation must be complete, i.e. all of the required information should be provided with the request level of detail as specified in the document template;
•    The company must confirm their agreement with a shared understanding about the IPR issues (related to foreground and background know-how );
•    The company must confirm that its legal officers have an understanding about the disclosure of confidential information that might be shared for the sole purpose of the MIRPHAB activities. It has also to be agreed that partners involved in the realization are committed to confidentiality and that none of the information receives will transmitted to third parties ;
•    Only Companies having a European identity can apply for a MIRPHAB Grant. Non-European companies may apply to access to Pilot Line fabrication but will not be entitled to receive any financial support from MIRPHAB and the expenses generated by design, fabrication and test of devices will be charged to the applicant

Evaluation criteria

An overview of the different evaluation criteria and the scoring system is provided below together with the associated score. Each criterion is scored with a value from 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent). The threshold for each criterion is 5/10, below which the proposal will be rejected. In establishing the final score, the criteria have a different weight (for example: if the weight is 1.5, then the maximum achievable under this criterion is 15 points in total).
1.    Feasibility of the prototypes within MIRPHAB (Weight: 1.5)
2.    Contribution to the setup of the pilot line capabilities, support to advancement of the pilot line maturation, progresses in the pilot line organization, trigger for major improvements in the day-by-day operability (Weight: 2.0)
3.    Innovation content and progress beyond state of the art foreseen by the proposal (weight: 1.5)
4.    Involvement and business/technical commitment of the proposer (Weight: 1.0):
5.    Consistency of the business case: the value added to the business case for the pilot line as well as the product market potential (Weight: 1.0)
6.    Have clear path to the demonstration phase (Weight: 1.0)