Photodetectors Integrated with Electronics

Detector on a TE Coller integrated with first stage of electronics in a standard butterfly package (left) and Array of detectors connected with a fast and small A/D converters packaged in an extended butterfly housing (right)

One of the newest product in VIGO offer. This solution allows for combining Detector with the first stage of amplification in one package.

Such integrated detection module is characterized by ultra low noises, superior immunity to electromagnetic interference, very high operating frequencies and no need of tuning. Additionally, the output of the integrated detector is a typical 50 Ω standard which makes it convenient to couple with the following device.

The Very new approach in the field of integrated detectors is to create a device with digital output. This product can provide: up to 16 channels simultaneous sampling, 16-bit resolution, and up to 1 µA photocurrent range. Detector package includes analog front end, voltage reference source, and filtering circuits.


  • Any VIGO detectors can be integrated into detection module
  • Digital output available only with MWIR detectors
  • Low noise, high speed detection
  • TEC driver and second stage electronics easily attachable as small electronic board
  • No need of tuning, user friendly 

On going

  • Assembling LWIR detectors with A/DC’s
  • Different housing and detector configuration on demand

Detector fully integrated with electronics in a compact case, ready to use