MEC-QCL Broadly Tunable External Cavity QCL

The miniaturized external cavity quantum cascade laser (µEC-QCL) combines a QCL chip with a broad gain spectrum and a resonantly driven MOEMS diffraction grating allowing for rapid broadband spectral tuning at kHz scan rates.

The µEC-QCL is well-suited as spectroscopic light source for real-time sensing such as analysis of solids or liquids.


  • Tuning ranges:

1000-1250 cm-1
1080-1350 cm-1

  • Continuous spectral tuning with 1 kHz
  • Pulsed operation with 100-200 ns, 400 kHz
  • Linewidth < 2 cm-1
  • Output power 20 mW @ center wavelength
  • Small footprint size (tbd)

On going

  • More spectral range tuning
  • Stepwise scanning

    Miniaturized EC-QCL module

(a) Sketch of the EC-QCL setup with a MOEMS scanning grating in Littrow-configuration.(b) Detailed Photograph of the MOEMS EC-QCL source