Immersed Single Detection Chip

Detection chip monolithically integrated with optical concentrator. 
Lens is made out of the epitaxial substrate without any glue or air gap to avoid any reflections and other signal losses.
Combination of detector element and hyperhemispherical microlens (basic configuration) makes optical size of detector 11 times larger compared to its physical size. This results in increased Detectivity (D*) by one order of magnitude and electric capacitance by a factor of two orders of magnitude less, compared to a conventional detector of the same optical area.

Optical immersion improves performance of the device but may limit acceptance angles. For hemispherical andhyperhemispherical acceptance angles are 180º and 35º respectively.  Lenses are also characterized with F/# which is 0.5 for hemispherical and 1.62 for hyperhemispherical lens.


  • Both, photoconductors & photodiodes available
  • Wide range of operating wavelength
  • Wide range of chip size (optical area)
  • Possibility of temperature sensor assembly (Si diode, thermistor)
  • Frequency range up to 1 GHz
  • Ready to assembly on thermoelectric cooler
  • Many fields of application, also in harsh environment

On going

  • Parameters and/or geometry can be modified on demand

Single detection chip with a monolithic lens on a sapphire carrier with gold contact

Schematic cross section through immersed detector on sapphire carrier (not in scale)