Arrays of Photodetectors

Detector array in a quadrant configuration (left) and Small, eight pixel (2×4) array on a three stage TEC (right)

Arrays of detectors evolved from single element detectors. One type of detector is multiplied to create a linear or fully symmetrical array.

Each type of detector may be used as an array base element. Few pixel sizes of quadrant and detection line lengths available. Line length and sizes of pixels are highly customizable parameters. Arrays may be front- or backside illuminated, flip-chip bonded to a carrier or wirebonded to output pins.

The complexity of arrays needs additional treatment. VIGO is able to produce by machining cylindrical lens on detectors line, thinning detector to thicknesses down to tens of micrometers, blackening to reduce internal reflexes or polishing surfaces. Housing and proper TE cooler are individually chosen for the specific application.


  • Both, photoconductors & photodiodes available
  • Wide range of operating wavelength
  • Wide range of chip size (optical area)
  • Possibility of temperature sensor assembly
  • Frequency range up to 500 MHz
  • Ready to assembly on thermoelectric cooler
  • Many fields of application, also in harsh environment   

On going

  • Parameters and/or geometry can be modified on demand