Expression of interest

To access MIRPHAB Support and Services, Companies should initiate the application process by registering their name, provide basic company information and give a short description of the project to be realized. Online registration is done directly on the MIRPHAB website by filling the template proposed. Company registration can be done any time and will give access to the Newsletter informing potential MIRPHAB Users that New Calls are launched and ready to accept applications.

Submit an application

Once registered, Companies can submit Applications via the MIRPHAB website by accessing the dedicated area. Access to MIRPHAB is open to all European and non-European companies. However, only European can request a grant to partially support prototyping actions according to the rules and the criteria stated within MIRPHAB.

The submission of an application is simple and easy. The candidate will describe the project submitted to MIRPHAB following a template document guiding the preparation and indicating technical, market and impact information to be provided in the application. The Access Form document and the Evaluation Guidelines can be downloaded by following this links: MIRPHAB Access Form and MIRPHAB Evaluation Guidelines. It should be noted that applications requesting the financial support of MIRPHAB have to complete specific sections of the document providing exhaustive information on the business case foreseen by the applicant with the requested development. A Technology Expert can provide support for completing the application under request.

Evaluation of the Submitted Applications

The applications received within the deadline will be evaluated by a Proposal Evaluation Group (PEG) soon after the closure of the call. Proposals will assessed in accordance with the published evaluation criteria  which are designed to drive the selection procedure. The PEG will also assign to each proposal a member of the Consortium as Chief Technical Contact to coordinate the technical exchanges with the Pilot Line User during all phases of the selection and execution processes.
All proposals should be in accordance with the EC policies, rules of access to EC funded initiatives, with the goals of the call and with the objectives of MIRPHAB project. If this criterion is not fulfilled, the proposals will not be considered for further evaluation.

For each proposals, the innovation content and technical feasibility will be evaluated according to the MIRPHAB criteria. Proposals scoring 10/19  on criteria 2 to 4 will accepted for the project implementation within the Pilot Line. Proposals failing to achieve the minimum threshold may be modified and re-submitted in the next call.

Proposals requesting a support grant from MIRPHAB will also be evaluated and noted for criteria 5 to 7. Among these proposals two of them will be granted with up to 230 K€ to be spent with the Pilot Line to design, prototype and test specific devices according the requirement of the applicant. However, it is reminded that the grant will not cover all the expenses generated to realize the prototypes and the applicant will be requested to contribute to the costs.


When a project is approved either with or without the grant support from MIRPHAB, the next step is the preparation and the signature of a contract document between all of the relevant parties to the project.  The contract will be based on a standard MIRPHAB Contractualisation template. The contract will include the Technical Application Document, the Statement of Work with the planning for the execution and the Quotation Offer detailing the costs and the billing plan. It is reminded that the expenses generated to realize the prototypes will be charged to the applicant. If the project has been awarded with a MIRPHAB grant, the grant amount will be deducted from the quotation offer.

The contractualisation process is coordinated and administered by CEA on behalf of all of the parties, and may be completed as quickly as possible up to a maximum of 3 months after the date of approval, otherwise MIRPHAB reserves the right to have its proposed support withdrawn.  All parties are advised that the contract signing should be completed before commencing the project since any costs incurred in the absence of a contract cannot be reimbursed.

Once the contract is signed, the project will officially start with a formal kick-off meeting between all of the parties and project team members.  The Chief Technical Contact will coordinate the realization process from design to test. Progresses in the realization process will be communicated to the company with formal Progress Reports at specific intervals till the delivery of the prototypes and/or of pre-series devices.
MIRPHAB is working on a continuous submission scheme call, you can register your proposal now.