MIRPHAB will be present at the EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Increasingly Important Role for Mid-Infrared Photonics on 3 February at 15:00h CET.

Photonic developments in the Mid-IR region have demonstrated high potential for gas sensing and spectroscopy, MWIR imaging for industrial manufacturing, space communications and defense. Moreover, semiconductor lasers in these wavelengths (ICL and QCL) allow the development of miniaturized sensors, that can meet exciting and advanced applications in the medical, automotive, industrial and environmental markets, being the lack of large-volume production capabilities the main challenge. In this meeting, the key players in the Mid-IR ecosystem will discuss a potential application roadmap for Mid-IR photonics deciphering the collaborations needed and the applications that will allow the manufacturing of large-volume Mid-IR components and systems.

Interested in developing a miniaturized Mid IR sensor? Join the meeting to know more or contact us at info@mirphab.eu!

More information and registration HERE.