MIRPHAB will be represented at the PIC Pilot Lines Online Conference on 19th May at 14:00 CEST.

The manufacturing pilot lines enable businesses to transition from first prototypes to pilot production. There are five manufacturing pilot lines for photonic technologies addressing silicon nitride and indium phosphide PIC chips, packaging and equipment technologies, medical devices and free-form micro-optics. The Pilot lines in photonics enable companies to take their photonics-based product ideas, scale-them up, and validate them for commercial production by providing a reduced-barrier-to-entry via cost-effective pricing. The pilot lines will give SMEs easy access to advanced manufacturing services and cost-intensive infrastructures together with the expertise needed to manufacture new and innovative products.

The online summit explores how European Photonics is looking to get a head start in PIC manufacturing and optical devices and the opportunities those will bring to the industry.

Free registration HERE.