MIRPHAB Pilot line was present at the EPIC Meeting on LIDAR Technologies for Automotive at Anteryon from 30-31 October 2019 at Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The meeting brought together the full supply chain ecosystem and discuss the unmet needs from TIER1 suppliers and OEMs, and discuss the need for new photonics developments, such as wafer-level and freeform optics, high power laser diodes, integrated photonics, assembly processes, etc. The vision of the automotive industry is to place LIDARs in headlights and taillights, bumpers, roof, and other places in the car, at low cost, high durability, low maintenance, high stability, etc. Hence it’s important to discuss and develop new developments in photonics, which was one of the goal of this meeting.’’

For detailed agenda and registration, visit HERE.

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