Sergio Nicoletti, Coordinator of MIRPHAB, announces the continuous submission scheme for the Pilot Line.


Dear MIRPHAB users and supporters,

We successfully completed the First MIRPHAB Call for Applications and we are now starting the first series of prototyping for the selected proposals.

What we have learned from this first run is that the submission of a proposal to MIRPHAB is a process that requires continual exchange between you and our technical experts to precisely set the specifications that will fulfill your needs.

For this reason, we decided to change the submission process previously organized by periodic calls to a continuous submission scheme. From now on you can contact us anytime: personnel from the MIRPHAB Outreach Partners will help you providing all relevant information may be required for the submission of the application.

Should you need any support you might contact us anytime directly via the website or by emailing me at


Sergio Nicoletti

Coordinator of the MIRPHAB Pilot Line